Hardworking Entrepreneurs, look no further!  We know how to scale up sales for you and keep your website safe from ever having down-time.  We’ve heard terrible stories of businesses declining in sales from not being updated, and websites are known for crashing due to lack of updates.  If Your website crashes it’ll lead to having a new one designed which is a lot more expensive than protecting it monthly.

Our customers won’t have that issue anymore.  An outdated website is worse than not having a website, because it speaks on lack of effort towards your own brand.  It’s hard to maintain your social media outlets and your website.  We’ve seen most fail at attempting trying to do so, and spreading themselves very too thin.

Take pride in your business, and stay a step ahead of your competitors.  It’s an everyday reach for the next customer, fan, supporter, and etc.  You need to make sure your reach count.

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Whats Included With Web Maintenance

  • Updating all of your Plugins and Themes Monthly (Helps keep websites loading faster and assist with keeping it bug free)
  • 1-2 Graphics Designed (Always great for peoples’ companies to keep a fresh / updated look to it’s brand.  It’ll easily drive up sales and fans.)
  • Backup Your Website Monthly (We’ll keep a backup of your website updated on standby, and that’ll reassure your website will never be lost.  We’ll have it back up within 48 hours of it being down)
  • You select the day of your maintenance to be done on your website, and on that day we will start and finish all maintenance included with your package by 9pm Central Time.  (Excluding any weekends or National Holidays of course)


  • (Level 1) $50 – Updating Plugins and Backup Your Website Monthly
  • (level 2) $75 – Updating Plugin, Backup Your Website Monthly, 1 Free Graphic
  • (level 3) $100 – Updating Plugin, Backup Your Website Monthly, 2 Free Graphics

Terms / Lengths Of Maintenance

  • 3 Months (Regular Rate)
  • 6 Months (Saves you $5 per month)
  • 12 Months (saves you $10 per month)


*** You'll Receive Level 2 for the Price of Level 1 for the First 30 Days By Starting Before October 1st ***

This isn’t something you “could” do, but its that thing you “will” do to reassure your company’s chances at reaching the goals you’ve set for it, because you’re a top notch entrepreneur!  Let’s make sure you’re the best in your lane.

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